With reference to the indices and outlines and in the direction of cultural and artistic exchanges with other countries of the world, as well as the development of the field of study and research on the field of art in Iran, the Jee Group decided in 2019 to set up the Jee Art Cultural Institute in pursuit of the goals of Predefined - the development of cultural business as well as focusing on cultural projects. In this regard, this group, by utilizing its existing capabilities in its collection as well as with the appropriate investment in continuous communication with artists from other countries and the development of the cultural space of Iran, has set up a central center and has focused its support in the cultural and artistic field of this collection. 7 Regarding the implementation of the projects, in addition to the Jee Art Cultural Institute, which was founded in an independent building in the city center of Tehran, a German dominated company in Frankfurt, a company in Spain focusing on the city of Barcelona and a cultural center in The French state began to operate in the city of Paris. Therefore, international cultural projects have made it possible to support foreign artists inside the country, as well as to support domestic artists to increase their knowledge and experience.

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