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Jee Group began its work in 2012 with the aim of supporting and developing the cultural space of the country centered around Iran and the city of Tehran. The group started its activities by establishing cultural cafes and pursued its development through a cultural business in this field. The Book Cafe, the Photo Cafe, the Cafe of Painting and the New Media Cafe, focusing on the use of technology in service, including the activities of the Jee Group in its first three years of operation. On the other hand, according to the main mission of the group that supports the cultural and sustainable development, as well as the relationship and cooperation with other countries at the level of global cultural exchange, this group has dominated four development companies in the framework of Jee license with the keyword "cultural development“ Stretched out In the following, we are referring to the headlines of the Jee group in order to preserve and promote the culture and art in the country.

Unit 5. No31. Moze street .South Sohrevardi Alley.

  • Email: info@jee.group
  • Phone: +98(021)88519000

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